Tool and Instrumentation Selection

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1. True or False: Accuracy and precision mean the same thing.

2. True or False: Hot air rises because it's less dense than cool air.

3. Where is the best location to measure temperature and humidity in the ductwork on the diagram below?

4. Where is the best location to put the micron gauge on the diagram below?

5. True or False: True RMS (root mean square) will never make a difference when taking electrical measurements.

6. True or False: Diodes are used in inverter boards and need to be tested.

7. Which of the following is NOT a user requirement that we need to ask ourselves about when selecting a tool?

8. When selecting a multimeter, which value do you NOT need to consider?

9. True or False: Altitude can have a significant effect on the accuracy of your pressure readings.

10. True or False: Storage and operation temperatures are just suggestions and won't affect your tools' accuracy in the long run.




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