The Quality Installation Conundrum

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1. True or False: The "Owner Persona" sets the future direction of an HVAC company.

2. Which of the following responsibilities does NOT belong to the "Comfort Advisor Persona"?

3. True or False: The "Technician Persona" is the creator of value and sales.

4. True or False: The most important word/concept from the entire session is "Transparency."

5. True or False: measureQuick generates a report card that gives you a grade of the system performance on a scale from A to F, just like in school.

6. True or False: No matter the scale of the business, a 5% callback rate will never cause more than $100,000 in total callback losses.

7. True or False: It makes no difference whether you prove HVAC system performance to a customer or not; they'll always trust your work regardless.

8. True or False: ACCA QI certification won't differentiate you from your competitors.

9. True or False: Quality installation certificates cost anywhere from $30-50 per system.

10. True or False: measureQuick can't be used to verify a system for a quality installation certificate.




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