The Fundamentals of CO2 Refrigeration

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1. In a refrigeration system, especially one that uses a refrigerant with glide, we use the ______________ as a reference for our superheat.

2. CO2 that is ______________ follows the P-T chart.

3. True or False: Every refrigerant has a critical point.

4. What is the critical point?

5. What is the name of the state of matter above the critical point?

6. True or False: The receiver is also called the flash tank in a CO2 system.

7. True or False: Cylinders of CO2 have a lower pressure than most other refrigerants at room temperature.

8. CO2 has a GWP of:

9. The receiver stores CO2 refrigerant in the _________ state.

10. True or False: CO2 has been used in residential applications, especially water heating.




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