The Devil is in the Data

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1. True or False: Data and information are the same thing.

2. Which of the following is a source of the data deficit?

3. True or False: The homeowner can be a source of "bad data."

4. True or False: A lot of the data errors in the study referenced in the session were due to misplacement of Bluetooth probes.

5. Which of the following can help technicians reduce the instances of data errors?

6. What does the TES acronym stand for?

7. Which of the following is NOT one of the digital communities of practice Ben mentioned in the session?

8. True or False: #BetterHVAC is the doorway to the destination we want to reach; it is not the actual destination.

9. Who are the ethical practitioners that make up the #BetterHVAC movement?

10. True or False: Full Stack HVAC is designed to appeal to business leaders, while Open HVAC is designed to democratize data for field technicians.




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