The Challenges of Small Business – Roundtable

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1. True or False: The panel recommended braving out tasks you don't like and aren't good at, not hiring someone else to take care of them.

2. True or False: Your prices should cover the overhead costs associated with growth, like the purchase and maintenance of a new truck.

3. True or False: Jason Julian started his business with a fully stocked service truck from his prior place of employment.

4. Which of the following was an effective marketing strategy as described in the panel?

5. True or False: Using social media and supporting local businesses are great ways to get the word out about your small HVAC business.

6. True or False: At least one panelist said that hiring is a form of marketing.

7. True or False: Tersh Blissett recommended giving out year-end bonuses.

8. True or False: At least one panelist said that an important aspect of company culture involves recognizing the employees' families and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

9. How did Jason Julian recommend business owners to stand out?

10. True or False: If you take before-and-after photos to market your business, you'll typically get better results if you include a person in the photos.




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