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1. Which of the following is a potential cause of low discharge superheat in VRF systems?

2. True or False: Improper installation is a possible cause of high suction superheat in VRF systems.

3. True or False: VRF systems have low-pressure compressor shells.

4. Where do we measure discharge superheat?

5. True or False: The VRF subcooler refrigerant circuit is the same as the system subcooling.

6. True or False: All VRF systems have a service manual that you can consult for troubleshooting.

7. Daikin VRV systems use ____________ to cool the inverter boards.

8. When you're diagnosing indoor EEV failure, the liquid pipe temp decreasing to evaporation temp within 10 minutes usually indicates:

9. True or False: Shorter flares are best for preventing compressor failure.

10. True or False: In most cases, a second inverted loop in the copper tubing is NOT permitted.




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