Scroll Compressors & Things to Check for Overheating

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1. True or False: The Copeland Scroll compressor is refrigerant cooled.

2. The top of a Copeland Scroll compressor is low pressure.

3. True or False: The Copeland Air Conditioning Scroll set is the same as the low temperature refrigeration scroll set.

4. True or False: The compression ratio for high temperature systems should be around 3:1, for medium temperature systems should be around 5:1, and for low temperature systems should be around 10:1.

5. True or False: You can use Copeland Mobile to get the actual system performance, the actual current, and use it for troubleshooting systems.

6. True or False: A higher compression ratio will make the compressor hotter.

7. True or False: Copeland Scroll compressors use injection in some low temperature applications to add extra heat to the compressor.

8. True or False: The floating seal prevents discharge pressure from flowing back into the scroll compressor during shut down.

9. True or False: Sleeve Guides help hold the fixed scroll in position and permits the scroll to move axially up and down.

10. True or False: 225ºF is the maximum safe operating discharge temperature when measured six inches from the compressor.




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