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1. What does a pump down system prevent?

2. What does a CPR do in a system?

3. What do low ambient control valves do?

4. What does the external equalizer on a TEV do (versus internally equalized)?

5. If a refrigeration system with a receiver has a clear sight glass, you know that it is properly charged.

6. What does a cold control sense to control a unit?

7. What is the purpose of a receiver?

8. What does the ‘X’ terminal on a defrost timer do?

9. An EPR valve sets a maximum pressure for the evaporator.

10. What is the purpose of an accumulator?



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  • Great quiz! And I had just left in prior comment today a request for refrigeration type questions. Troubleshooting type questions would also be appreciated. Thanks for taking time to create these quizzes.

  • There were multiple answers on the 3 I got wrong,haven’t done a whole lot of Refrigeration lately,but they were all right.You need to look at little deeper.Overall good quiz,Jeremy.

  • great quiz,specially coz i work just amonia plant and english is no my main language its part from preparation for my F gas qualification thank you so much for help

  • Thanks for the test. Controls are all that I need to get a hold of. Haha. Learning is my goal.

  • Typically, a cold control senses coil temperature in a reach-in to ensure off-cycle defrost. In a walk-in, a cold control normally senses box temperature.

  • Interesting quiz, 10/10 had to guess the thermostat one tho, its not a thing here.

  • I’m brand new to the industry and have only been training for the last month. I find your media to be a great public service and the vast access to the knowledge that you share has been invaluable to me in my training. Thank you so much for sharing so much useful content with the hvac community!! Looking forward to sifting through all the content during my journey to become an expert technician

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