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1. What does a pump down system prevent?

2. What does a CPR do in a system?

3. What do low ambient control valves do?

4. What does the external equalizer on a TEV do (versus internally equalized)?

5. If a refrigeration system with a receiver has a clear sight glass, you know that it is properly charged.

6. What does a cold control sense to control a unit?

7. What is the purpose of a receiver?

8. What does the ‘X’ terminal on a defrost timer do?

9. An EPR valve sets a maximum pressure for the evaporator.

10. What is the purpose of an accumulator?



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  • Great quiz! And I had just left in prior comment today a request for refrigeration type questions. Troubleshooting type questions would also be appreciated. Thanks for taking time to create these quizzes.

  • There were multiple answers on the 3 I got wrong,haven’t done a whole lot of Refrigeration lately,but they were all right.You need to look at little deeper.Overall good quiz,Jeremy.

  • great quiz,specially coz i work just amonia plant and english is no my main language its part from preparation for my F gas qualification thank you so much for help

  • Thanks for the test. Controls are all that I need to get a hold of. Haha. Learning is my goal.

  • Typically, a cold control senses coil temperature in a reach-in to ensure off-cycle defrost. In a walk-in, a cold control normally senses box temperature.

  • Interesting quiz, 10/10 had to guess the thermostat one tho, its not a thing here.

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