Moving Heat Quiz

1. What is a BTU a measure of?

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At what temperature does water boil?

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The heat the earth receives from the Sun is an example of

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In a sealed container if a gas is cooled it….

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As temperature increases molecular velocity

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A refrigeration circuit…

Question 6 of 10

Latent Heat is…

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Blowing air into a space is an example of..

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9. How many BTU's make up a ton?

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10. Decreasing Pressure will result in a _____ Boiling temperature

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  • A little precision to Q.2: The water boils at 100 degrees Celcius (but only at sea level!). The boiling point of water decreases with elevation comparing to sea level. Most parts in Florida are nearly at sea level. But, for example, at Denver, Colorado (the city is located 5,414 ft above sea level) the boiling point of water is around 94.6 degrees Celcius (202 degrees Fahrenheit).

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