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1. The Cooling Load Temperature Difference (CLTD) load calculation method was derived from:

2. Manuals J and N are _________.

3. What is the most accurate load calculation method (according to ASHRAE)?

4. What is the purpose of load calculations?

5. True or False: Altitude Correction Factors (ACFs) should be built into the heat loss and heat gain values.

6. True or False: Dryer air is always better and doesn't cause any form of respiratory illness or irritation.

7. True or False: Indoor loads are always consistent and don't change much from day to day.

8. How does Tony recommend handling parties (or other events with large amounts of people) in the load calculation?

9. True or False: It can generally be assumed that historic homes have a loose building envelope (if there were no renovations).

10. New homes are typically tight and have less than __ ACH.




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