Let’s have an Honest Discussion: What Are We Doing To The Air Our Clients are Breathing?

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1. True or False: Formaldehyde is a potential harmful byproduct of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) products.

2. True or False: UV is extremely effective at killing or deactivating microbes or viruses in the airstream but not on surfaces.

3. True or False: There has been at least one successful lawsuit against a company that manufactures PCO products.

4. Ozone is:

5. What particle size does the industry focus on?

6. True or False: Tighter houses tend to let fewer outdoor contaminants in than leaky houses.

7. True or False: Homes and ducts have "biomes" with unique makeups of bacteria, fungi, and over microbes.

8. Mold is a byproduct of:

9. True or False: Charcoal is effective at managing odors for several months on end.

10. Which of the following organs does PM 2.5 NOT affect?




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