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Test your evacuation knowledge with this short quiz written by Jim Bergmann


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1. What must the pump be able to overcome in order to achieve the desired vacuum rate?

2. How many minutes should an evacuation on a 2-ton system take?

3. Vacuum gauge sensors are typically what type of sensors?

4. What will a typical vacuum gauge do when exposed to refrigerant vapor?

5. The following system is:

6. 500 microns is equivalent to...

7. What is the evacuation speed mostly affected by?

8. Vacuum pump oil is highly refined ________ oil.

9. The following system is:

10. A good vacuum pump oil will have a:

11. Vacuum rated refrigerant hoses have what design property?



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  • I’m getting a “no answer to verification question” dialog box when submitting the answers

  • Great vacuum quiz! Really good summary of important concepts. While I missed 3, I understand and agree why I did on 2 of them, but do not understand the following question. Why is “Register No Vacuum” wrong and “Register Vacuum” correct? I’ve used Fieldpiece and Supco and, when slight refrigerant pressure is applied to break vacumm, the vac gauge display of the system micron level is lost and shows Atmospheric. Thanks.
    1. Exposing a typical vacuum gauge to refrigerant vapor will make the gauge?
    Creep Up
    Register No Vacuum (my answer)
    Register Vacuum (quiz correct answer)
    Into a Paperweight

    • I run my vacuum to 150-200 microns if it fluctuates up and down during pull down moisture it it didn’t drop below 300 leaks then you have your trapped refrigerant in oil time

  • How can #3 be all the above when all the answers are below?

    Did poorly on the test but I don’t work in the trade, I have an AS degree in HVAC, 608 Type 1 & 2 certified, but circumstances out of my control lead me down another path . I came across your podcast a week ago and can’t thank you enough for the info you are putting out. You are doing a great service and great job!

  • I took this test on a whim but is there an associated article/video on this topic? Thanks!

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