Humility in Thought Leadership

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1. True or False: Having a following IS a prerequisite for becoming a thought leader.

2. In thought leadership, we should strive for:

3. True or False: The best time to offer your opinion is when you're NOT the person making a decision.

4. Which of the following thoughts isn't humble?

5. True or False: Humility DOESN'T make you superior to others or frame you as instrumental to the cause you wish to advance.

6. True or False: The Dunning-Kruger effect states that people who know the least about a topic are often the most confident about it.

7. True or False: Our memories are fixed, and it's impossible to rework our memories to account for new information.

8. Who said the following quote: “There are three images in my mind which I must continually forsake and replace by better ones: The false image of God, the false image of my neighbors, and the false image of myself.”

9. True or False: We are always the best judges of our abilities and intentions.

10. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of imposter syndrome?




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