How To Properly Inspect a Failed Compressor

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1. What is always the first step of a compressor diagnosis?

2. What common procedure can prevent a compressor strainer from becoming clogged with oxides?

3. What can happen if the compressor overheats?

4. Which of the following is NOT a compressor cooling strategy?

5. True or False: Dielectric grease can prevent moisture from getting into the electrical terminals of a compressor in low-temp applications.

6. True or False: You should never leave pins in the cylinder head when you hit it with a hammer to break it free.

7. When you take off the pump, you want to check:

8. The wristpin holds the __________ onto the rod.

9. True or False: Gaskets MUST be replaced if you remove them.

10. Scoring a sign of _________________.




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