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1. What is home performance (according to the panel)?

2. True or False: Dumping fresh air into the return without any form of conditioning could cause microbial growth.

3. True or False: We can completely disregard attics when it comes to home performance; they have no impact on the load.

4. Attic ventilation is traditionally done for ____________.

5. True or False: Getting into home performance is an unreachable goal for the average HVAC contractor.

6. In general, "healthier" attics are:

7. True or False: One of the panelists stated that it is easier to seal vented attics in the north than the south.

8. True or False: Home performance rarely ever extends to other trades or contractors beyond HVAC.

9. True or False: At least one of the panelists recommended taking an ACCA design class to get started in home performance.

10. True or False: The key to working with contractors in other trades is for YOU to take accountability for THEIR work and berate them for bad work.




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