Heat Pump Revolt of 2026 (Symposium 2024)

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1. True or False: Cold climate heat pumps do not work in the north.

2. What four action items are needed for heat pump success?

3. True or False: The proper droop setting for auxiliary heat to take over when the heat pump can not maintain set point is 8 degrees of Fahrenheit.

4. True or False: A heat pump will always freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. True or False: A furnace installed with a heat pump should not run heat mode simultaneously.

6. The signs of an oversized system are:

7. True or False: In terms of HVAC, IRA stands for Independent Retirement Account

8. True or False: A reversing valve is a key component for a heat pump system.

9. True or False: The purpose of electrification is to reach a decarbonization goal.

10. You should never run resistance heat with a heat pump at the same time.




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