Getting Your Foot in B.S. – A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Into Building Science

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1. Which of the following statements are applicable to building science?

2. True or False: To use AI tools most effectively, we need to ask simple and small questions to reduce the risk of receiving incorrect information.

3. True or False: We always need to follow the scientific method in HVAC diagnosis.

4. What is the enemy when you start out in building science?

5. True or False: There's no difference between being 90% right and being right 90% of the time when it comes to Manual J load calculations.

6. Regardless of your experience with Manual J software, it can almost always help you:

7. True or False: Load calculators that only require you to enter the address (location) of a home are effective ways to do accurate Manual J load calculations.

8. "Multifactor measuring" is the idea that:

9. True or False: Dust is a good indicator of air leakage in a building.

10. True or False: The "handometer" and "trash bag test" are great ways to gather quantitative data about airflow.




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