Friction Rate – Why the Fuss (WTF)

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1. True or False: The units of friction rate are inches of water column per 100 feet.

2. True or False: A system with a higher calculated friction rate will result in smaller ducts.

3. What is equivalent length?

4. The difference between the TESP and the component pressure losses is the:

5. What is the most common default friction rate recommended on duct calculators (aka Duct-u-lators)?

6. True or False: Using a lower friction rate value on a duct calculator will result in larger ducts.

7. True or False: A flex duct system will always require larger ducts to deliver the same amount of air as a sheet metal system.

8. True or False: The size and type of filter can have a large impact on a system's friction rate.

9. True or False: A 7" duct can deliver 150% as much air as a 6" duct.

10. True or False: Using the "worst case" friction rate will result in a system that is more likely to self-balance.




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