Fix Your Customer 1st, Then Fix Their System

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1. True or False: Andy Holt is not in the HVAC business, he's in the people business.

2. True or False: When a customer calls, we should answer the call in 2 or 3 rings

3. Customers really don't care that much about how I look, they care about how much to call is.

4. Maintain eye contact consistently when shaking hands.

5. True or False: Taking notes in front of a customer while they were talking is rude.

6. True or False: The customer is always right!

7. True or False: It is a best practice to review the call type you were about to go on in your head before you arrive.

8. True or False: I feel like I am helping my customer by not being so thorough and running up their bill.

9. True or False: My communication skills with customers is extremely important.

10. True or False: I have to fix my customer first, then get about diagnosing their system.




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