Electrification in HVAC: An Update

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1. True or False: Electrification has no bearing on the HVAC industry.

2. True or False: HVAC Contractors as a whole feel fully informed on the IRA incentives addressing electrification.

3. True or False: Electrification awareness in the HVAC Industry is high, as in between 70-90%.

4. True or False: As expressed in the survey, contractors do NOT have a pain point of customer education.

5. True or False: Electrification panelists at last year's symposium included an equipment manufacturer.

6. True or False: HVAC contractors expressed interest in many other products and measures like heat pump water heaters, EV chargers, and solar panels.

7. True or False: As reported in the survey, it is rare for HVAC contractors to be asked for other electrification products.

8. At this conference, the industry trend is for collaboration on electrification.

9. True or False: The number of contractors that engaged in the survey in 2024 almost doubled that of 2023.

10. True or False: The electrification survey conducted by Duckling involved a survey form and multiple video interviews.




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