ECM and RTFM, This Is the Way!

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1. True or False: The constant airflow ECM shifted the blower motor paradigm when it was introduced in 1987.

2. Constant torque ECMs were mostly introduced because of:

3. True or False: In PWM Mode, an AC voltage signal determines the torque.

4. True or False: You can achieve a virtually infinite selection of motor speeds by varying the PWM signal.

5. True or False: A 5-terminal motor can act as a 9-speed motor.

6. Which of the following is NOT a way to select airflow on constant torque ECM blowers?

7. True or False: Higher total external static pressure (TESP) leads to higher energy consumption but also better airflow.

8. Whenever you disconnect power to an HVAC system when replacing an ECM motor control, how long should you wait for the capacitor to discharge?

9. How many ohms should we see between each motor lead and ground when ohming out an ECM?

10. True or False: There is no such thing as a universal or drop-in constant torque ECM.




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