Demystifying TEVs

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1. Which of the following is NOT an element on a TXV?

2. True or False: Bulb force is the opening force on the TXV/TEV.

3. Which equation describes the relationship between the forces of the TXV/TEV?

4. True or False: A bleed port provides a fully regulated flow path and has a large orifice.

5. What does an external equalizer do?

6. True or False: Sensing bulbs should be affixed to the suction line in a location where they can easily pick up the temperature of the surrounding air.

7. True or False: An external equalizer should be positioned downstream of the sensing bulb.

8. What is a balanced port TXV/TEV?

9. True or False: When adjusting a TXV/TEV as explained in the session, a clockwise turn will reduce your superheat.

10. Oversized distributor nozzles cause _______________________.




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