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1. True or False: Return to return is the more effective and energy efficient way to install a whole house dehumidifier.

2. True or False: The manufacturer's stated pints of a dehumidifier is what you should expect the unit to deliver when installed.

3. True or False: There are multiple factors that can cause high humidity in a home, each contributing a small amount that can lead to comfort and IAQ issues.

4. True or False: Sensible heat factor is the dehumidification effectiveness of air conditioning equipment and is important to know when sizing a dehumidifier.

5. True or False: There are several things to consider when sizing a dehumidifier including: the dehumidifier's performance curves, static on the system, the AC's sensible heat factor, ventilation strategy, etc...

6. The most energy efficient way to install a dehumidifier is:

7. True or False: Offering your customers whole-house dehumidifiers is part on an overall strategy in solving high humidity issues.

8. True or False: Installing a dehumidifier on the return of the HVAC system will reduce the latent removal of the AC system and could potentially add to the humidity in the house.

9. True or False: Homes need dedicated dehumidification for: comfort, health & property protection, partial & no-load times of the year, you can’t control human behavior, and only way to ensure 50% RH.

10. True or False: Genry Garcia is best known at the HVAC GOAT.




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