Contaminant Controls – System Clean Up with Filter-Driers

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1. True or False: Catch-All filter driers should be installed on the discharge line.

2. Which of the following substances does NOT lead to system failure?

3. When may contamination be introduced into the system?

4. True or False: Activated carbon is the best type of desiccant at removing moisture from refrigerant passing through it.

5. Beaded desiccants may wear down over time, causing:

6. If you were to use Sporlan's Test-All oil sampling kit and receive a purple test result, what can you assume about the system?

7. True or False: The Sporlan See-All moisture indicator will be green when a system is dry.

8. True or False: Particles as small as 5 microns are too small to pose a threat to the hardware of compressor bearings.

9. True or False: Drying the refrigerant should dry the oil.

10. When should you install a liquid line filter drier?




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