Compressor Teardown

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1. True or False: High-pressure shells have their discharge line on top of the suction line, and low-pressure shells have their suction line on top of the discharge line.

2. True or False: Heat can cause oil to become discolored and break down.

3. At what temperature does PVE oil break down?

4. What is the minimum megohm threshold for a compressor to be considered "healthy"?

5. Failure is considered imminent between ___________ megohms.

6. Why should we weigh compressors before installation and after removal?

7. True or False: Windings have to be mechanically pressed out on a scroll compressor.

8. True or False: Liquid is compressible, and a moderate amount can get into the compressor without affecting operation.

9. True or False: Even a few metal shavings can cause a ripple effect that lead to compressor failure.

10. What does a thrust reduction screw do?




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