Combustion Analysis: Easier, Faster, and Better

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1. True or False: We can smell carbon monoxide (CO) and should leave the room immediately when we recognize the acrid odor.

2. NOx filters make CO measurements more accurate in the flue, but they respond to changes in CO:

3. True or False: Combustion analyzers have a warmup period.

4. Combustion is a rapid chemical reaction of:

5. True or False: Water and carbon dioxide are the only products of perfect combustion.

6. Where should you turn on your combustion analyzer?

7. What should we AVOID when choosing a place in the flue to sample the combustion gases?

8. Which of the following readings will you NOT see on a combustion analyzer?

9. Why are silicone plugs recommended for sealing test ports on 90%+ furnaces?

10. True or False: Combustion analyzers usually have water traps but not always.




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