Combustion Analysis and Troubleshooting

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1. Which of the following is NOT needed for combustion?

2. True or False: We always want as much excess air as possible for maximum efficiency.

3. Generally, what should be the MAXIMUM acceptable CO level in the stack?

4. Which of the following is NOT a common source of CO?

5. What are the stages of combustion diagnostics in order?

6. True or False: If you have an A/C unit or heat pump with a furnace, it's recommended to use the same condensate assembly for both.

7. What is an indicator of a leaky gas valve?

8. Which item is NOT on the CAZ checklist?

9. True or False: A gas leak detector is a critical (and highly recommended) tool for technician safety.

10. True or False: You can follow AHRI Guideline X without a combustion analyzer.




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