#BETTERHVAC Taking the first step… And the second… And the third…

This quiz will test your knowledge of the #BetterHVAC symposium session by the guys at TEC.

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1. True or False: Every new system sales should take 30 minutes or less.

2. These items should be considered when getting the baseline from a system.

3. Besides airflow and total external static pressure, a TrueFlow report will show...

4. True or False: A TrueFlow forecast report is most beneficial when determining the line set length.

5. True or False: Desired System Heating Capacity (tons) is a selectable option when using the TrueFlow forecasting tool.

6. True or False: A Manual J is not necessary when completing a retrofit.

7. True or False: An interior door can act very similar to a damper in a duct system.

8. True or False: The Roomulator is a tool used for sizing passive returns.

9. The proper steps for using a Roomulator are:

10. True or False: To earn the customers trust, let them know that when the system is out of warranty it's unsafe to operate and should be replaced.




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