A Duct Up Situation

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1. Static pressure:

2. True or False: Air moves best through 90-degree turns in the ductwork.

3. True or False: Your ductwork always needs to look visually appealing for your HVAC system to deliver its best performance.

4. Duct leaks:

5. Sealing a leaky duct will cause the static pressure to:

6. True or False: Changing one aspect or section of the ductwork won't affect other parts of the duct system.

7. You can improve airflow and reduce static pressure in flex duct systems by:

8. Square turns CAN work:

9. True or False: Small ducts are prone to velocity problems, but large ducts are a lot less prone.

10. True or False: When installed correctly, throated takeoffs are better at reducing turbulence than square takeoffs.




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