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1. What are the three "types" of people who Dan describes as employees in an HVAC company?

2. True or False: The "camper" type of employee will typically stick around a short time for a paycheck until something better comes along at another company.

3. True or False: It's a wise idea to come up with a hypothesis and perform tests in line with that hypothesis rather than do tests just because you can.

4. Airflow comes ________ charging.

5. True or False: You can't do airflow diagnostics without a TrueFlow grid.

6. True or False: You need expensive tools to demonstrate room pressures and airflow to the customer.

7. measureQuick 2.5 introduces ______________ to enhance the diagnostic process.

8. The solution to the labor endemic as described by Jim Bergmann is:

9. True or False: Commissioning adds time to a job, and the time cost is not worthwhile in terms of a system's lifetime performance.

10. Air leaking from ducts underneath the house ____________.




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