Work-Life Balance, Real Talk w/ Bert (Podcast)

Bryan and Bert talk through a real-life issue we all face as techs: work-life balance. Bert’s recent video “triggered” Bryan a bit, so they talk through it.

Bryan believes that the work-life balance doesn't necessarily exist; instead of creating balance, he believes in a focus on discipline in work and home life as you're present to each of them. Instead of setting rules for dedicating his time, Bryan focuses on setting goals that can improve multiple parts of his life. That is how he is able to work at a high level in his company, make videos and podcasts, write articles, and raise a large family.

The main issue that Bryan has with “work-life balance” is that the term focuses on value rather than focus. The term also implies that there has to be a 50/50 ratio of importance. He believed that Bert's video gave people license to give in to distractions at work.

Bert is more inclined to pick up his personal phone at work if his wife is calling. He knows how to make time for his family because he knows how much his family values quality time. However, he understands that creating expectations is not the way to promote focus and balance in life. He knows that it's easy to create an issue when people feel unloved if their significant other doesn't pick up the phone at work, so he and Bryan discuss what love, prioritization, and open communication really look like.

Bryan and Bert also discuss:

  • Expectations and disappointment
  • Balance and focus
  • When people change in relationships
  • How a spouse can promote focus in your work and home life
  • Boundaries
  • Enabling others
  • Managing distractions at work
  • Moving forward
  • When are you working too much?
  • Discussing goals and making hard decisions
  • Setting priorities

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