This podcast brought together several women working in the HVAC industry to discuss their experiences and offer advice. The conversation focused on the positives of working in HVAC as a woman, the importance of community, and the resources available.

The women talked extensively about how welcoming and supportive the HVAC community, and particularly HVAC men, have been towards them. Several got into the industry because of their husbands' work. They agreed the perception that it's difficult for women to break into HVAC does not match their largely positive realities. The biggest challenges they identified related more to things like clothing and bathroom options rather than discrimination or harassment.

Advice offered for companies looking to hire more women focused not on targeting women specifically, which could cause resentment, but on ensuring good benefits, upholding anti-discrimination standards, and facilitating connections with other women in the industry. Several mentioned the value of groups like Women in HVAC and the Society of Women Engineers for networking and support. Attending conferences to connect with the HVAC community was also repeatedly recommended.

Overall, the positive tone revealed that with the right connections, women can thrive in HVAC careers. All expressed passion for their work and eagerness to encourage more women to explore the industry.

Topics covered:

  • Getting into HVAC
  • Challenges for women in HVAC
  • Advice for attracting/supporting women
  • Importance of community
  • Groups like Women in HVAC
  • Conferences/events


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