Why and How to Create an Internal Training Program w/ Eugene S.

Eugene Silberstein from ESCO Group returns to the podcast to discuss why and how to create an internal training program for your HVAC/R company.

HVAC/R has so many niches, and information and practices are always evolving, so lifelong learning is necessary for the industry. In-house training is a form of education that can come with many benefits, including control over scheduling, building community within the organization, and convenience. However, creating an in-house training program also comes with many challenges, including time and money expenses.

For an internal training program to work, there needs to be a clear commitment to lifelong education that is ingrained in the culture. That could include bringing in other educators, setting up mentorship programs, and partnering with local trade schools. Unlike an external training program, an in-house training program also allows you to tailor education to your technicians' goals and needs.

A good in-house training program creates an environment of psychological safety; it allows trainees to ask questions without feeling singled out or judged. Some people who know topics well aren't the best trainers; trainers need to know how to teach others, which means understanding how the human mind works.

Commitment is ultimately what makes or breaks an internal training program. If your trainees can see that you are investing in them consistently, they will be more likely to give and get the most out of the training program.

Eugene and Bryan also discuss:

  • The hunger and need for HVAC/R education
  • Benefits and drawbacks of external training
  • Using mistakes and callbacks as learning experiences
  • Educators who make trainees feel safe
  • Education, engagement, and entertainment
  • Will technicians leave your company if you train them?
  • Casual but deliberate training

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