What’s Your Summer Triage Strategy? w/ Kevin Hart

This episode dives into an interesting and pragmatic discussion about how HVAC contractors can better balance their workload throughout the year. Kevin from Haven shares insights from observing HVAC businesses across the country and how some are taking a more strategic approach to triaging work.

The main idea is to get systems up and running in the peak summer months when demand is highest, while also collecting data and making notes for more in-depth commissioning, ductwork upgrades, IAQ improvements, etc. that can be tackled in the fall “shoulder season.” The hosts discuss the market forces that drive the typical reactive cycle – consumers waiting until systems fail to call for service, companies prioritizing new equipment installs when demand is high to boost revenue, etc.

However, they propose a model where contractors are more proactive about maintenance, communication, and expectation-setting. Install the right-sized equipment over the summer, document issues to revisit later, use data loggers to analyze system performance, and then circle back in fall/winter for comprehensive commissioning when there is more availability. This allows delivering better quality work while smoothing workload across more months.

The episode covers several key points and considerations, including:


  • Prioritizing load calculation and properly sizing equipment upfront
  • Deploying IAQ monitors to identify issues like humidity control
  • Offering full-scope solutions and letting customers decline unneeded services
  • Shifting technician roles seasonally between installs and commissioning
  • Developing standard workflows and checklists for each phase
  • Potential business benefits like retention by providing growth opportunities

Overall, it presents a balanced, practical approach for HVAC businesses to improve quality, reduce stress during peak seasons, and keep technicians engaged through varied work. As Kevin notes, it's a model more contractors could adopt with training and open-sourced best practices.

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