Upgrades and Proposals That Lead to Clarity & Profit w/ Michael Housh

Michael Housh returns to the podcast to discuss upgrades and proposals that are worth considering. These upgrades and proposals can actually benefit the customer AND lead to clarity and profit without turning you into a white-shirt tech.

When assessing a system for replacement, it’s a good idea to look at the airflow side by measuring static pressure AND using a flow grid; these practices set you apart from others and supply you with good data about system sizing. Filtration is another area where you can consider upgrades and proposals; customers generally want to keep their air clean and may be happy to pay for better filtration, fresh air, and de/humidification.

Surge protection is a high-value upgrade that many customers may benefit from, especially if the electrical company allows overvoltage or the customer has a voltage-sensitive ECM or inverter system. Some upgrades are useful and can be offered automatically (the customer can decline it); depending on the climate, a humidifier or dehumidifier may fit into that category.

Proposals are a chance to put all of the offers on the table and allow the customer to select and decline whatever they want. When we adopt this business method, we would be wise to remove our egos from the process.

Some processes that add clarity to proposals include creating checklists and taking lots of pictures for the customer. You’ll also create trust between you and the customer when you establish that clarity.

Michael and Bryan also discuss:

  • HVAC industry game-changers
  • Profit margins
  • Free quoting
  • Fresh air considerations
  • Consistent overvoltage
  • Metal oxide varistors (MOVs) and the ICM493
  • IAQ monitors
  • Attic infiltration and can lights
  • Proposal verbiage and templates
  • Callbacks and consultations

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