Unique K-12 HVAC Incentives, Commercial Regulation Changes and More w/ Mark Tozzi from Carrier

Mark Tozzi from Carrier comes on the HVAC School podcast to talk about unique HVAC incentives in K-12 schools.

When schools closed down during COVID-19 lockdowns, a new series of incentives came out for schools. Many of these incentives include access to technology, and improvements to HVACR equipment are covered under those programs.

Schools can benefit from geography-tailored solutions, including air-cooled chillers in the Southeast and products meant to improve IAQ, including filtration upgrades and dehumidification strategies.

To provide valuable solutions to schools, HVACR professionals and manufacturers need to get involved in local conversations, such as on school boards or at the district level. The incentive is quite broad, and it provides schools AND HVACR professionals with many opportunities. The funds need to be spent by 2023, so we can focus on doing business with schools this year.

However, as we seize these opportunities to help our communities, we also need to make sure that we have the labor, training, and ambassadorship to make these initiatives successful. As an industry, we need to focus on recruitment and training to stimulate interest in the industry. Not to mention, as equipment advances, technicians need to be able to catch up with newer technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put our industry into the spotlight, and people are paying more attention to their air quality and our work than ever before. Through community opportunities, recruitment, and education, we can hope to improve our industry.

Mark and Bryan also discuss:

  • OptiClean air scrubbers
  • Buy boards
  • How the HVAC industry might appeal to younger generations
  • When are HVAC contractors seen as valuable to the general public?


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