The VCRT redesigned + More w/ Fieldpiece

In this podcast, Bryan chats with Tony Gonzalez of Fieldpiece about their latest innovations for service tools, including the redesigned VCRT, as well as the training resources they offer.

They start off discussing Fieldpiece's philosophy of developing solutions for technicians' real pain points, not just making products. Understanding workflows and obstacles lets them design better tools. Tony then reveals their new line of valve core removal tools aimed at faster, easier access to system ports. Features include integrated ball valves to isolate gauges, sight glasses to confirm capture of the core, and improved ergonomics for gripping.

Next they touch on Fieldpiece University, their free online learning platform for HVAC best practices. It contains individual courses as well as guided “training tracks” on full applications like combustion analysis. With quality content being critical, Tony aims to continue expanding their offerings this year.

They also briefly discuss A2L refrigerants – while tool compatibility questions persist in the field, most quality equipment made in recent years carries approvals. Technicians mainly need to verify the manufacturer's guidance and adhere to existing best practices.

Key topics:

  • New valve core removal tools
  • Enhanced sight glass and isolation
  • Continual improvement of Fieldpiece University
  • Clarifying tools and A2Ls

The overarching theme is providing solutions – both through innovative tools and readily accessible education for the industry. You can learn more about Fieldpiece at

Learn more about the 5th Annual HVACR Training Symposium at

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