System Oversizing & Independent Consulting w/ Genry Garcia (Podcast)


In this episode, I talk with tech, contractor, and consultant Genry Garcia. He tells us about his experiences with independent consulting and helping other contractors in South Florida.

A chunk of Genry's work deals with independent consulting, which primarily focuses on helping other HVAC businesses and contractors instead of customers. South Florida has unique climate considerations, and Genry focuses on improving workmanship in a way that works well with the climate. Diagnosis remains important in Genry's work, as he needs to find and solve issues with HVAC companies in his work. Genry and Bryan both believe that the future of the industry lies in a non-judgmental approach towards technicians and customers; Genry's consulting approach aligns with that vision for a better HVAC industry.

In South Florida, oversizing equipment is a severe issue. The hot and humid climate of South Florida leads to technicians oversizing the equipment to deal with the heat, but the runtime is too short to help with latent heat removal. So, Genry tries to get the full picture of an install by contacting everyone associated with the installation to gather information. He also focuses his education and training on correct equipment sizing and air balancing to help technicians in his climate zone.

Equipment sizing has to do with heat load and air balance. So, some of Genry's work also involves measuring pressures and balancing the supply and return air to maximize comfort. We also have to be aware of balancing heat and moisture when we adjust the structure or system.

Genry and Bryan also discuss:

  • Tech support
  • “Competing” for customers
  • Repetitive HVAC training and education
  • Data logging
  • Building occupancy and its effect on load
  • Helping consumers understand sizing issues
  • Load matching
  • Zonal pressure matching

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