Swaging and Flaring Tips w/ AC Service Tech

In this episode, Bryan and Craig Migliaccio (AC Service Tech) talk about some best practices you can use while swaging and flaring copper.

There are a few different ways you can flare copper. Craig likes using a round deburring tool before flaring the copper. After the burr has been cleanly removed, Craig likes using an eccentric flaring tool for the actual flaring. Bryan's favorite flaring tool is the NAVAC battery-powered flaring tool for quick, accurate flares. Both Craig and Bryan agree that it's better not to deburr if you're likely to drop the burr or copper shavings into the tubing.

You can also use a tiny bit of Refrigeration Technologies Nylog on the flare face to make sure that the contact is sufficient and secure.

Along with flaring, we also have tube expansion or swaging. There are several tools you can use, including drill, hammer, and block swages. Craig likes to avoid swaging tools that leave large gaps; adding heat to make the swaging process smoother may result in oxidation. He prefers using a drill swage on downward-facing tubes; the drill swage can provide friction and heat while keeping the copper tube clean. Overall, Craig doesn't have a favorite swaging tool; he acknowledges that each swaging tool has an appropriate application. It's NOT a good idea to use a tube expander near the compressor.

Craig and Bryan also discuss:

  • Deburring in difficult situations
  • Over-reaming with blade deburring tools
  • Flares on higher-pressure systems
  • Comparing the flare size to the flare adapter size
  • Old flaring tools, new flares
  • Ductless or mini-split systems
  • Cleaning the lines if you drop anything inside of them
  • When to use a fitting

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Valentine Radix
Valentine Radix
5/16/21 at 04:54 PM

Love in the house…from Trinidad….i am a junior tech trying to surpass the complacent senior techs in the company i work for



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