Special – Soft Skills Top Tips w/ Andy Holt (Podcast)


In this rather unorthodox short podcast episode, Andy gives his timeless soft skills tips. We also tell you a bit more about a special training event in Orlando in just a few weeks.

Soft skills and communication are critical parts of the HVAC industry, especially residential HVAC. Customers don't compliment you on your tools; they compliment your service and attitude. We must acknowledge that we are in the people business and just happen to use tools when we work.

Andy recommends being on time for every job; if you think you might be late, call the customer to let them know. When you greet customers, make sure you smile and be friendly. Put your listening skills first; during that first conversation with the customer, pay attention to them and make sure you let them talk about all of their concerns. When working with a customer, try to make sure that everything you do comes from a place of gratitude.

Set the agenda with the customer and make sure that they understand exactly what the service entails. Show the customer everything you come across and involve them in the inspection and service process. Give the customer permission to follow you around and see what you're doing to build up that trust; the customer will know that you're doing your job and not trying to pull a fast one on them.

It also helps if you begin to view the customer as a component of the system so that you can keep their well-being at the top of your mind. We are troubleshooters above all, and we would probably all do a bit better if we saw the customer as another part that needs to be taken care of.

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