Special Episode – The SpeedClean Story

Mike Hardy from SpeedClean joins us to talk about how SpeedClean got started. He also explains why all contractors should consider engineered solutions.

SpeedClean emerged from the need to make coil-cleaning a better experience. Mike's philosophy is to look at the “pain points” of common tasks so that his company can develop engineered solutions to reduce the issues of those “pain points.” The goal of companies like SpeedClean is to make an HVAC job more efficient to boost technician productivity and provide good value. However, Mike also believes in consumer education to promote user adoption, and he wants to make sure he conveys the benefits of SpeedClean equipment.

In the past, pressure washers were some of the only technologies available to clean coils well enough, but they often damaged the fins and led to unhappy customers. There also weren't many pump sprayers, and hoses weren't always long enough to reach the equipment. So, the CoilJet came into existence in 2007 and had a mostly positive reception on the US West Coast. Customer feedback helped Mike improve his product, and he continues to accept and integrate user feedback today.

As mini-split systems began to emerge, a need to revolutionize indoor cleaning emerged. So, SpeedClean released the Mini-Split Bib Kit to make indoor ductless cleaning easy and mess-free.

SpeedClean makes all of its products in the USA, and its company culture places a high amount of value on the employees and respects their life outside of work. There is an assembly-line-type methodology in place, and the company consistently meets demand.

Mike and Bryan also discuss:

  • Battery issues with the CoilJet
  • Negotiating labor and product costs
  • CoilShot evolution
  • User adoption and “laggards”
  • Systems thinking
  • Cleaning efficiency best practices

Learn more about SpeedClean HERE. You can check out the HVAC School and SpeedClean mini-split cleaning guide HERE.

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