Solder Rings, Thermal Imaging, and My Grouchy Brother


In this episode of HVAC School, I talk with my brother Nathan… and he whines a lot about cool tools I like.

As you might have guessed, Nathan is in the camp of people who believe that proper training promotes good practices; fancy tools won't make an outstanding tech. Even though I respectfully disagree with him on some things, he has a point. Tools will only be useful if a tech knows how to use them. They should make your life easier, but they shouldn't have much bearing on performance. He doesn't like wasting money or time on tools that probably won't help him. So, he doesn't like solder rings or thermal imaging cameras.

On the other hand, I'm in the “tool nerd” camp. I love new technology and think tools can make us do much better work if we learn how to use them properly. On the job and in my spare time, I enjoy reading up on the latest technology and trying out the newest tools. Missing out on the newest “wow!” tools is a fear of mine. Spending money on a tool that will help me do better, more efficient work is ALWAYS worth it. I think solder rings and thermal imaging cameras are cool and can be put to good use.

We talk about how efficiency, organization, training, job performance, and customer trust relate to tools. We can find some common ground in some areas, even if we have fundamentally different attitudes toward tools.

Oh, and we talk about digital gauges and the jumping spider that lives in Nathan's van.


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