Small System Vacuum Tip – Short 118

In this short podcast episode, Bryan goes over one of his most valuable tips for pulling a vacuum on a small system.

It can be very difficult to pull a vacuum on a small system, especially when you're dealing with a low-temperature application like a freezer. When you pull a vacuum, you're creating a low-pressure area that affects molecule behavior. So, you're creating a situation where the molecules push their way out of the system and into your vacuum pump. The low temperature and small tubing, especially capillary tubes, make this process exceptionally difficult. A very good vacuum pump can still have a hard time achieving a deep vacuum.

To make this process a little easier, Bryan likes to add heat. When you add a heat blanket around components with oil, you negate the low-temperature obstacle and make it easier to separate refrigerant from oil. You may also use a heat gun on areas where using a heat blanket is impractical. If the area is cold or has refrigerant and oil together, then you'll benefit from applying heat. Don't go crazy and use open flames, but a heat blanket or heat gun will usually be safe.

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Brian your an absolute genius



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