Short #83 – Practical Safety Improvements

In this short podcast, we take a quick look at Bryan’s take on practical safety improvements. He also discusses the safety year in review at Kalos.

Kalos had a great year in terms of safety. As the managers look back on the year, they attribute their success to having a practical approach to safety. To make practical safety improvements, we must be safety-conscious without obsessing over the risks of our job. Our jobs always have an element of danger, and our goal should be to minimize those and abide by OSHA standards.

As an industry, we can do a better job of wearing our eye protection on almost every job. Ear protection is also an area we tend to neglect, especially in motor rooms and industrial environments. Ladders also provide a clear source of danger; we need to make sure our ladders are secure (tied off, set on level ground, etc.) and place some responsibility on our customers to give us a safe work environment.

Electrical safety is also critical. Especially on commercial jobs, we should use proper lockout-tagout procedures when we can't monitor the power source while we work on equipment. We must also verify that no power is present after we shut off the disconnects.

We also experience some fire safety threats, especially while brazing. Eye protection and gloves are critical if you want to keep yourself safe while brazing. (Gloves are also important when cutting sheet metal.) You should also know where fire extinguishers are anytime there is a fire risk on the job.

Perhaps our most dangerous work environment is the road. We must avoid texting while driving, drunk driving, and other unsafe practices. We must also drive defensively to avoid accidents with other commuters who partake in unsafe driving practices.

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