Short #78 – 7 Tips for Newbies

This short podcast is for the newbies out there. For HVAC trade newbies, Bryan recommends applying 7 tips to help you win.

When you start off in the trades, you'll want to check your mindset. Successful HVAC technicians are usually humble; recognize that you don't know everything. The truth is that nobody knows everything, and every other person has wisdom and knowledge to offer you. (However, don't mistake humility for a lack of confidence.) You'll also want to hang out with good people; you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with, so you don't want your friends to drag you down intellectually or get you into trouble. (And make good use of your time!)

Stay hydrated on the job! Water is the very best thing you can have on the job, especially during hot summers. To take care of your body, you will also want to wear safety glasses on the job and gloves when appropriate.

Curiosity is also an incredibly important trait of successful techs. Push further to understand your work fully, and you will be much more successful in your career. If you are curious, you will bring more ideas to the table and have a better grasp on the work you do, which will hopefully help you get raises and promotions. Another extension of curiosity is to test what you know. Pursue a possibility and find all of its weaknesses; don't accept a solution as the truth without further investigation.

Perhaps one of the most useful tips for newbies is to learn to be okay with failure. You sometimes won't have everything you need, whether that's a lack of tools or knowledge. Making difficult situations work is part of the job, and the fear of making mistakes should not hold you back.

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