Short #44 – Myth – Time as a Tech Equals Pay (Podcast)

In this short podcast episode, we talk about the myth that time at a job or in the business equals or deserves pay increases.

Many people believe that showing up for a long time justifies a raise. They aren't necessarily progressing in their field, but they think they've spent enough time to warrant a raise. A business relationship is an agreement that you will perform specific tasks for a specified rate. If you don't go above and beyond or progress, then there's no reason for that pay rate to change.

Soft skills, cleanliness, and overall professionalism are also important to job efficiency and performance. If you don't improve those, then you may not give your employer a reason to believe that they should give you a pay raise. You are not owed more money because you have simply worked at a place for a long time.

If you work for a company that focuses on sales, the company has to make a profit for them to pay their employees more money. So, improving your own profitability as a tech will give you a case for deserving a raise. Investing in yourself can translate to success within the business. You will be a good earner only if you can bring quality work and skills to the table.

You can also choose to move to a different business or segment of the industry. Ultimately, you have to invest in yourself and make decisions for yourself. Your value does not depend on how much time you spend with a company or in the industry. As a technician, your value depends on the work you put into the industry.

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