Short #29 – 3 Quick Tips to Level Up Overnight (Podcast)

In this short podcast episode, Bryan covers three things you can do to level up and make you a much better tech tomorrow. Everyone will notice your improvement. Also, no matter what level you're on, you can become even better by remembering the following three tips:

1. Use a full-system diagnostic process. Every application should have a full-system diagnostic process, whether you're working on a residential ductless mini-split, a commercial chiller, or a walk-in refrigerator. Instead of focusing just on the primary problem, you'll be much more effective if you assess the entire system. You can also adopt a wide-narrow-wide approach to diagnosis where you start by examining the entire system (for example, look for oil and check the filter). Then, you focus on the main problem at hand and fix it. Before you leave a job, test the equipment and check it over once again to make sure that everything is working as it should.

2. Communicate better. In the commercial sphere, it's a good idea to write up equipment reports that customers can use to help them make informed choices about their equipment. For residential customers, communication is about courtesy. Send a text to let them know you're en route or send a follow-up email. When it comes to dispatch and leadership within your organization, communicate useful and helpful information for them. Report common things that you see in the field so that they can improve at their jobs.

3. Have a closing conversation with every customer. Before you leave a site, check in with your customer to make sure that there's nothing you or your company can do better. When you have these conversations, you show that you care and give the customers an opportunity to provide feedback.

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