Short #23 – Intangible Soft Skills (Podcast)

In this short podcast episode, Bryan gets feedback on a podcast topic from Andy Holt. Per Andy's request, we discuss some intangible soft skills required to be a top-level technician in the HVAC trade.

Overall, a technician needs to be aware of the people and things in their surroundings. These techs are in tune with their customer's emotions, the pets, and the space where they work. A good technician is thoughtful but has the ability to let things go and not let their bad experiences overwhelm them. Many technicians that fit both of those descriptors are calm and focused by nature, and they are often positive people; happy techs are better communicators with customers.

Eye contact is important in the right amount. Customers want to know that you're paying attention to them. Customers also want to see action; they want to see you physically working on their system and taking measurements. Give the system a thorough check to find the most thorough diagnosis, even if you go into the job with an idea as to what that diagnosis is.

Cleanliness is a way for you to show respect for your customer's home or site. Use drop cloths and wear shoe covers to show that you care about keeping the site clean. Cleanliness is a branch of the overall idea of professionalism. Our image of professionalism is always evolving, but in the present day, you still want to use classy language and avoid looking like a slob. Most of all, professionalism stems from a central concern for the customer; spend less time talking and more time listening.

Organization in paperwork, processes, your work vehicle, and your toolbag is another one of those critical intangible soft skills. You exude professionalism when you are neat and have a structured process to guide you through your work.

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