Selecting Proper Cleaners w/ John Pastorello

John Pastorello from Refrigeration Technologies returns to the podcast to talk about selecting proper cleaners for various HVAC/R jobs.

From the beginning, the goal of Refrigeration Technologies has been to make cleaners that are safe but have the same effectiveness as the strong, hazardous varieties in the industry. The more hazardous cleaners are not food safe and may be corrosive, dangerous to inhale, or irritating to the skin or eyes. Some cleaners can also damage components; brighteners aren’t recommended for use on aluminum coils for that reason.

John is a fan of foaming cleaners because the foam gives the cleaner more contact area and holds the detergent in place for a longer time. Foaming cleaners tend to be good for degreasing. However, if used improperly, the foam can overflow in the drain pan and get messy.

Many residential and light commercial HVAC contractors may benefit from keeping Viper EVAP+ for evaporator coils, Heavy Duty for condenser coils, and Brite only when there is an extremely dirty condenser coil. The Viper aerosol coil cleaner can also work well for small systems. The Pan & Drain Treatment also keeps drain sludge and odors at bay inside condensate lines and pans.

Instead of relying on harsh chemicals to dissolve microbial growth, Refrigeration Technologies cleaners help use enzymes to dissolve odor-causing biological material in HVAC systems.

John and Bryan also discuss:

  • PPE to use when working with cleaners
  • Acid-based cleaners and “non-acid” cleaners
  • Dwell time and contact
  • Dilution ratios
  • NSF registration and what it means to be “food-safe”
  • Viper Venom Packs


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