Q&A – Tech to Service Manager Tips – Short #194

This short podcast is a Q&A based on a question submitted to us by Andy Holt. Bryan gives some tips on how to go from service tech to service manager. Service managers may have better pay, but they also have different sources of stress than service technicians, and not all service tech skills will translate well to management.

Service techs and service managers have completely different skill sets, and they have to be able to gain satisfaction from different sources. Service techs are satisfied by solving problems, and they get immediate dopamine hits whenever they use their brains and hands to fix someone's AC. Service managers have to find satisfaction in big wins for their team.

Service managers have to manage processes and procedures around customer service; they are involved with customer service representatives and dispatchers. They also handle the most difficult clients and situations, so they need to be able to resolve conflict and stay calm in tense situations. Good service managers also learn to share wins with their teams and speak publicly so that they can inspire and motivate their teams.

Service managers also manage finances, review reports, and send emails, so they need the skills necessary to do that, including writing skills (or technology to assist with writing skills). Leadership roles also require you to represent the policies and procedures of your organization, regardless of how you feel about them. These requirements may put a strain on interpersonal relationships.


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